Realtize introduced ERC 20R to provide credibility layer that insulates investors from losses.

You will agree with the stats that 2022 was not the best year for most cryptocurrencies.

2022 saw a competitive sequence of new all-time lows in the prices of most top currencies, followed by an increase in rug pulls and ICO scams.

It is precisely because of these that Realtize has targeted its energies toward ensuring investors’ safety through the use of ERC20R.

What Happened To The Market in 2021?

Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrencies, fared the worst of the market volatility, returning only 59.8% for the year.

Ethereum which then took the lead surged in gas fees, charging as high as $20 for some transactions with NFT minting prices going up as high as $40.

This increase in price sent crypto’s eager retailers to faster and cheaper platforms, boosting sales for platforms like Solana, Fantom, and Avalanche.

2021 also saw the rise of dog coins. After Elon Musk’s tweet, Shiba Inu and other alts meme their way to the top with returns as high as 19.85%.

These returns were, however, unsustain, as the coin whittled down -77% over the course of the year.

The crypto sector thereafter picked up steam. P2E gaming became the new craze once Gamefi and the Metaverse were discovered.

Axie Infinity’s exploration which led the expansion resulted in the emergence of a new set of Metaverse-based projects.

However, while many initiatives met user expectations, not all of them were successful or real, to begin with, since the crypto market provided as many losses and disappointments as it did profits.

The Greatest Threat to Cryptocurrency Investors

Rug pulls, the most serious threat to cryptocurrency’s trust structure, increased in 2021. For the inexperienced, rug pulls are when developers create new tokens, push them to investors, pump the coin’s liquidity and value, then drain the financing pool, causing the coin’s value to crash before disappearing.

With an 81% rise in 2021, rug pulls defrauded victims of almost $7.7 billion worth of Cryptocurrency.

Unlike in 2019, when rug pulls lasted up to 192 days, in 2021, rug pulls lasted for about 70 days, with a surge in the amount of money victims lost to these frauds.

Finiko, a crypto Ponzi scheme that targeted Eastern Europe and defrauded consumers of $1.1 billion, is a well-known example. Another rug pool, Thodex, cost its victims up to $2.6 billion, while Anubis DAO made off with $58 million. The Squid Coin, which was linked to the Netflix film Squid Game, was the most well-known of these schemes, generating as much as $3.38 million before disappearing.

Simultaneously, we witnessed a dramatic decrease in cryptocurrencies before the end of 2021, when most coins began to approach new all-time lows, a pattern that started with bitcoin.

The new trend of all-time lows caused investors’ habits to diversify, with the belief that a wider spread is safer.

However, this did not protect them from the spreading dip or eventual scams. It was as a result of this that Realtize implemented its ERC20R as a credible security layer to keep its investors secure.

What Does Realtize Do?

Realtize is an American company that helps you invest in the future.

Rather than concentrating on letting investors engage in traditional assets, Realtize looks for innovative ways to help investors participate in any type of investment using fractionation and tokenization.

Realtize is currently working on a user-friendly interface that will allow web 2.0 investors to engage in regulated web 3.0 capital markets utilizing its digital technology.

Part of this is done through Realtize’s ERC 20R implementation.

What is Realtize ERC 20R?

The Soft-Token Offering (STO) ERC 20R process is decentralized. This feature by Realtize provides for trustless refunds after a given period. This stage uses smart contracts that feature a trust-free refund function that allows investors to freely refund assets within a selected timeframe.

Call it an insurance policy, if you will. Upon the release of the IDO, the feature allows for assets to be secured in Escrow smart contracts while setting an automated period for refunds.

Before the estimated refund period, the project invested in has no access to the funds. These are only made available after the period for refunds has elapsed.

What are the Benefits of Realtize ERC 20R?

Think Web 3.0! Realtize built its ERC 20R with the future in mind to allow investors engage safely in web 3.0 private placement opportunities.

PitchBook data mentioned that Crypto funding peaked at $40 billion in 2020. Yet, only a small percentage of investors have been able to reap the advantages of web 3.0 investments.

Anti-fraud features are built into these ERC 20R to protect investors. Their ERC-20R mechanism adds an extra degree of security to keep them safe from digital scams. The ERC reputation is enhanced by blockchain security, which assures that everyone involved in the investing process is protected.

Conclusion: Are 20Rs 100% Fail-Proof?

While all token offerings are not completely risk-free, they are better protected against fraud and are backed by legislation. This provides investors greater confidence to invest in them.

Realize, using its ERC-20R protocol, has developed soft-token offerings that are safe, unique, reliable, and safeguard you from being exploited in the broader market.

These 20Rs also give you a chance to be among those who can safely invest in web 3.0 and own a piece of the future.

So, while coin prices continue to plummet, and con artists devise new ways to defraud people. Realtize is continually working to create a secure environment in which all investors may enjoy a terrific crypto experience while still sleeping soundly at night.



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