Realtize Introduces Two-Stage Soft-Listing Offering to Protect Investors

It’s not just you…

The sudden drop in the value of Cryptocurrency assets has got all investors on edge and has stalled the investment processes around the world as general red flags seem to be raised around the question of what necessitates this continuous drop?

Rug Pull

With the current situation in mind and no concrete evidence as to the reason behind these volatile assets’ decline or the prediction of a bullish market.

Realtize Investment corporation has decided to safeguard its investors against financial losses by providing them with a Soft-Listing option.

What is Soft-Listing and How Does it Work?

The Soft-Listing concept provided by Realtize is designed to work in sync with the company’s technology to add the option of trustless refunds to investors on both centralized and decentralized levels.

  • Centralized Soft-Listing: The first stage of the Soft-Listing process, which is centralized, provides a feature that protects investors yet to receive their IDO from losing their investments after a failed first trade. This procedure ensures that all investors who have not received their IDO tokens after an investment can apply for a refund if the project is bearish on its first trade.
  • Decentralized Soft-Listing: In the second stage, the Soft-Listing process is decentralized. Like with the Erc721R function, this feature by Realtize provides for trustless refunds after a given period. This stage uses smart contracts that feature a trust-free refund function that allows investors to freely refund assets within a selected timeframe.

Call it an insurance policy, if you will. Upon the release of the IDO, the feature allows for assets to be secured in Escrow smart contracts while setting an automated period for refunds.

Before the estimated refund period, the project invested in has no access to the funds. These are only made available after the period for refunds has elapsed.

Does Soft-Listing Guarantee Against Investment Losses?

While Soft-Listing does not equal a 100% secure investment, it shields all Realtize Investors from being affected by the general decline in the cryptocurrency market.

Creating trust and efficiency with both seasoned investors and newbies in mind, the feature provides an edge to all investors willing to dabble into the market to make for a large sweep now that most assets are at a dip.

Covering all cryptocurrency assets from coins to NFTs, Realtize’s Soft-Listing process will assist investors in decreasing current and subsequent high risks associated with bearish markets.



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