Realtize Partnership With CrowdFundJunction

3 min readFeb 17, 2022

The focus in this era of crypto investments and crowdfunding is on providing financing to startups and crypto projects, as well as managing the assets of these companies.

What is CrowdFundJunction?

CrowdFundJunction is a community VC that focuses on blockchain business incubation, advice, funding, and support.

The company is a community-driven Initial Stage Crypto Venture Capital where anyone can invest and receive long-term support from a large community.

Services Provided by CrowdFundJunction

With its vision, CrowdFundJunction has recognized that DeFi, NFTs, and the Metaverse are still in infancy, leaving plenty of potential for opportunities. Making use of this potential, the platform aspires to be at the forefront of this evolution.

CrowdFundJunction is a platform that finds and offers approved Blockchain ideas to investors, where all they have to do is pitch in.

The platform’s aim is to invest in early-stage Committed Crypto Entrepreneurs who are creating the future of this growing digitized world, make crypto private sales available to anyone, and educate interested people on the blockchain’s power.

CrowdFundJunction Initiatives

Among its many offerings, CrowdFundJunction Founder also provides a number of humanitarian services to help make the world a better place. These are held on the company’s site and are occasionally held in collaboration with other important worldwide organizations. Among the services offered are:

  • Kiva: a platform that offers small loans to borrowers around the world, by connecting lenders to borrowers.
  • Sponsor a Child: this initiative helps fund and assist the Metro World Child, which is a faith-based humanitarian organization committed to serving the underprivileged inner-city children of the world.
  • Ketto: it is common knowledge that the mortality rate of children has risen. Every two minutes, a child dies because they cannot afford the expenses required for medical treatment. The Ketto initiative offers SIP (Social Impact Plan), where people’s donations are successfully matched to a patient in urgent need of life-saving treatment.
  • Share the Meal: is a UN World Food Program Initiative, supported by CFJ. While hunger might be a universal problem, it is entirely solvable, and CFJ founder does what it can to see this problem come to an end.

Partnership Expectations With Realtize

Partnerships allow organizations to accomplish more than they could on their own, and the cooperation between Realtize and CFJ is one of such.

Realtize is primarily an investment company that satisfy the requirements of its particular clients, whereas CFJ is both humanitarian and financial in nature.

This relationship, on the other hand, allows both organizations to leverage their strengths to promote the empowerment of the other.

Realtize can give more security and diversification in the distribution and management of money where CFJ provides assistance.

The partnership also allows Realtize to be a part of something innovative, while simultaneously allowing CFJ to benefit from Realtize’s stability and the authenticity that the company’s reputation has earned.

No one knows if there are any further reasons for this alliance. What’s clear is that both firms have similar goals and visions, and the cooperation allows them to help each other succeed while sharing their collective achievements.