REALTIZE Makes Strategic Investment in ParaDAO

We are proud to announce that REALTIZE makes strategic investment in ParaDAO, and a series of in-depth cooperation will be conducted soon.

REALTIZE is a startup investment platform for everyone, not just wealthy accredited. Since 2021, REALTIZE has supported over 20+ fundraising, 3 public companies, 100 million+ capitals, 150 thousand+ users through equities, debts, STOs, NFTs. It should be mentioned that REALTIZE acquired Minnowcfunding LLC in 2021, which is an SEC Crowdfunding Platform with Funding Portal in the United States, recognized by Finra. REALTIZE possesses its system, clients, licenses and other aspects after acquisition, consolidating its leadership place in the digital asset ecosystem.

The partnership between REALTIZE and ParaDAO is quite promising. REALTIZE is one of the most potential Crowdfunding Platforms in Web 3.0, which has close ties with ParaDAO as the first Co-founder institutions with investment users, research capability, projects resources, and community resources, to jointly incubate and create the first big data platform of venture capital in Web 3.0.


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