Realtize Investment Announces Release of “Credential NFTs” on Gate NFT

After the craze of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, NFTs took a new turn to their importance. Incorporated into gamefi and socialfi, NFTs have become the building blocks of most cryptocurrency activities.

In the early part of the year, Realtize started preparing for the minting and launching of its NFTs. However, this had to be done alongside other projects to ensure that the NFTs were released onto a secure platform.

This two minute read updates you on the release of Realtize’s latest credential NFTs.

What are Realtize NFTs?

If you are abreast of all things Realtize, you will be familiar with the engage-to-earn and Learn2Earn modules that both reward you with the platform’s NFTs.

While that might be a way to get yourself an NFT, you might want to skip classes and opt for buying one instead.

With the availability of both modules and its partnership with PolygonDAO, Realtize also launched its NFTs, although not publicly.

These limited edition NFTs come in 10,000 exclusive rarities, and like all rarities are available only to a select few that check the firm’s criteria.

Why Should I Get Realtize NFTs?

If you’re into NFT for sport or collection, you will be delighted to know that Realtize’s NFTs come with a unique peculiarity. They are all SBTs, or in another term — credential NFTs.

Credential NFTs are a type of Soulbound Token (SBTs). These are digital identity tokens that operate as proxies for a person’s or an organization’s distinctive qualities, history, and achievements.

The goal of SBTs is to expand the NFT concept into a new realm by creating a token that is both unique and immutable, something that cannot be bought or sold.

Whereas other NFTs represent assets, Realtize’s Credential NFTs exclusively represent social standing, platform representation, and participation.

What are the Benefits of Partnering with Gate NFT?

Apart from the promotional benefits, free minting, and other exclusive features enjoyed by Gate NFT fans, the platform is secure. This is one of the benefits that Realtize considers, both for itself and for its buyers.

After minting, the SBTs will first be made available on Gate NFT for everyone to access.

Known for its speedy transactions, those interested in purchasing the NFTs will be unwrapping their presents seconds after the sale.

For Realtize investors, more benefits are on the way as the firm strategizes on ways to better serve its users.

How Do I Obtain Realtize NFTs?

Combined with their rare qualities, these 10,000 limited editions come with a unique catch. To own one, you must be a Realtize passport owner.

Realtize offers a variety of profitable services to both partners and investors. For those who are long standing Realtize platform users, you are already entitled to a passport which grants you access to an NFT.

For those new to the platform and intending to engage in an activity, slots are currently still available.

While these credential NFTs allow you to earn access on promotional activities and in other engagements on the platform, early entry guarantees you a 24 hour earlier access to future activities along with the opportunity to earn rewards restricted to non-passport holders.

Realtize’s 10,000 limited editions grant you an exclusive key into Realtize’s rewards and is available to everyone except that 10,001th person.



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