Realtize Crowdfunding Platform Takes Progress To A New Level and Launches Realtize 2.0

4 min readAug 4, 2022
Realize your investment with Realtize

In 2021, Realtize emerged amidst market push and pull and the uncertainty of long-term survival in the hostile crypto environment. The new company was not afraid to dip its ties fully into the business.

This was because, unlike most other projects that solved an immediate problem and continually augmented their services to keep up with the evolution of the need their services catered for, Realtize had a visionary perspective on one of modern man’s most complex worries. How do I invest my money?

Answering a question deeper than that, Realtize provided solutions to the constantly evolving world of both traditional and online (crypto-based) investments.

After earning a reputable position in the market, Realtize has decided to make the big move to dip both feet into the water. Although the company had dabbled in Web3 through the early part of the year, it has only been prepping itself for the big entry.

A Look Into Realtize Functionalities

As an investment company, Realtize promised to deliver investments into the future. However, an ideal that serves everyone is not ideal enough. The company is very selective of its prospective investors and so far has been able to accept less than 3% of startups that applied.

This rigorous selection is owed to the company’s comprehensive due diligence process that is designed to weed out failures and disappointments and leave only the highly reliable and safe projects available to their investors.

In terms of investments in these startups, the process has been tokenized just like every other Realtize activity to ensure that investors of any level can participate. This leaves the floor open to everyone who is at least $10 dollars rich. Provides the chance for you to invest in any startup of your choice.

The company’s aim is to globally connect startups and investors from around the world with no hidden fees and make all services easy with their exceptional customer care service.

The New Realtize 2.0

In the new 2.0 launch that enables Web3 functionalities on the platform, Realtize now offers specialized Web3 crowdfunding services. These services can be broken down into an array of functions that include:

Realtize’s support of both private and public placement offerings for crypto assets and NFTs inclusively.

Because of the company’s unique traditional and cryptocurrency style model, it also accepts fiat and crypto payments directly from investors which can be disbursed through escrow and even directly into custodian bank accounts.

The platform also offers automated countersigning subscription agreements and SAFTs along with SEC-regulated offerings.

Apart from SEC regulations, the platform provides a unique inbuilt safe mechanism. This Soft Token Offering which was introduced at the onset of the bearish market trend is designed to protect the platform’s investors from severe trade losses while the ERC 20R protocol was initiated to ensure that investors are protected from scams and rug pulls.

Perhaps the most extraordinary addition to the 2.0 launch is the platform’s “Earn” initiative.

Realtize earn is a combination of earning opportunities provided by the platform in conjunction with its partners. The firm now provides collaborative Learn2Earn and Engage2Earn features that run in sync with Web3 projects and campaigns where users are rewarded in unique NFT tokens.

While this feature is impressive enough, users can also use the credential-enabled NFTs to earn passive income, participate in campaigns, receive airdrop rewards, and even be a part of IDO whitelisting.

What Does Realtize 2.0 Mean For The Future?

Factually, we are sure that this 2.0 launch will see the onboarding of all the platform’s Web2 users into new and exciting Web3 communities. A reference is the recent partnership between Realtize and several brands that has seen the seamless integration of both platform’s communities in creative and promising Web3 interactions.

Speculatively, one can only rely on Realtize’s projections of and for the future. So far, the company has continued to expand in capabilities. Taking calculated steps toward success. With these progressive steps conquered by each stride, maybe we should hold our breath for a soon-to-come Realtize 3.0.