It implies that PolygonDAO supports the growth of Realtize.

4 min readAug 1, 2022

You look at the blockchain and you ask yourself: “isn’t there supposed to be more?” When people talk about Web3, they usually talk GameFi. Yet, in the face of this severe bear market, other segments of the blockchain have been emerging, with one of these underdogs coming in second place after the giant game slice of the pie. Yes, you got it right, it’s SocialFi.

So, what do PolygonDAO and Realtize have to do with this emerging trend? Well, that’s what we’ll be looking at in a moment. But first, let’s understand the new social framework and the consequences of this support.

PolygonDAO supports Realtize

While you were busy watching the market dwindle, Realtize has been investing in the creation of a unique business venture that directs the cash flow from the social media platform to the consumer.

PolygonDAO, the first of both, has outperformed its competitors in the market for scalability solutions. The protocol ranks 13th on the list of valuable cryptocurrencies, with a market cap of $6.9 billion.

Additionally, PolygonDAO offers increased performance at nearly no additional on-chain running costs. This might be why it has witnessed a 13,000% increase in just over a year with more than 12,350 dApps dependent on PolygonDAO, indicating that the network is poised to become the protocol of choice for the Web3 ecosystem.

PolygonDAO users will be excited to hear that the investment company’s new engage-to-earn feature will be made available first to the PolygonDAO network. If you aren’t excited yet, wait till you know what this feature means.

Benefits of the support

PolygonDAO has provided Realtize with a grant to help further the development of the crowdfunding platform’s project. The PolygonDAO network team, having gleaned the long-term benefits of the Engage-to-Earn feature has decided to invest their resources into helping the platform achieve its aim. This gives the crowdfunding platform the leverage that it needs and provides it exclusive access to the network’s resources.

Realtize now has the momentum it needs to push forward to its target and can also reach a larger number of people since the PolygonDAO team has opened up their communities to Realtize for the promotion of the Engage-to-Earn project.

With the support and these promotional benefits, it is expected that the project will be enjoyed first, by PolygonDAO users before being extended to other project partnerships.

What is Engage-to-Earn?

Imagine the first time a caveman heard of the social contract. The only thing that was in it for him was survival. When society evolved, the social contract allowed men to vote for good governance and support democracy. Since then, all we’ve had was a phase 2 modification of the social contract, which designed the centralized framework of Web2.

But with the evolution of the blockchain, the discovery of Web3, and the Metaverse, society has evolved into a new phase of this contract where man more intelligently now asks “How can this contract help me thrive?” And the contract says, “We’ll pay you to be yourself in your own society.”

Engage-to-Earn simply refers to the social act of participating in specific crypto activities on corresponding channels or platforms in order to learn, experience the value, share ideas, and contribute material among members in exchange for a percentage of the earnings generated by those actions.

How Does This Benefit Me?

Since you asked, you should know that PolygonDAO is Realtize’s first E2E module partner, which means that the module will reconstruct the social engagement patterns of the multichain protocol, increase user participation, and reduce participation complexity, making it easy for everyone, from newbies to pros, to enjoy the social economy of the network.

The module is geared toward modernizing social media products by including crypto-native features such as user-level tokens.

When token economies are implemented into a social network, users begin to see the social graph not just in terms of Web2 likes and follows, but also as a value graph depicting the economic relationships between its nodes.

For PolygonDAO, this support might also open up an avenue for both companies to share mutual benefits, which will positively impact PolygonDAO’s ecosystem. Realtize is also open to supporting from other level chains and exchange platforms.

The end goal is to construct a novel set of social features around this economic activity for the benefit of all participating members of society.