Realtize and IoTex to Establish Partnership For Web3-based Learn-to-Earn Platform

The complexity of web3 poses a dilemma. Trying to create a decentralized system without being able to actively engage the audience due to their deep traditional web2 roots has been the greatest obstacle with web3.

Seeing this problem, IoTex came up with the singular goal of ensuring a timeless connection between the physical world and the web3-verse.

However, effectively establishing a physical connection with web3 is not an easy feat. At best, this connection can be understood by observing a series of events, one of which is learning to earn.

If you’re wondering what IoTex and Realtize’s partnership has to do with this blockchain opportunity, you’re in for a three-minute surprise.

What is Learning to Earn?

In the traditional world, in 2021, UNICEF popularized the “learning to earning” scheme, which embraced the power of technology to enable youth to learn digital skills that would enable them to earn an income.

The only downside to this scheme is its centralization and the fact that, after learning, you end up back in the system with the centralized economy having power over your assets.

However, in the crypto world, this concept is a lot more practical. Learning-to-Earn (L2e) refers to the process of making money while learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related knowledge and taking paid quizzes after each module.

So, while the traditional concept uses payment as the final incentive when you’ve applied all your knowledge, L2e on the blockchain pays you instantly for knowledge gained while providing you with adequate information to earn later with the knowledge applied.

Why Realtize and IoTex’s Collaboration?

Realtize is a crypto investment firm that has been able to break the traditional rules of finance and was one of the first companies to seamlessly merge traditional investment with the blockchain without complicating the process for the traditional investor.

The company has also been able to achieve real estate tokenization, launch its own soft token to safeguard investors, and is currently working on building the world’s next regulated capital market. In short, Realtize is literally building the future.

IoTex also shares the same vision. However, the company is focused on directing its capabilities toward connecting the concrete world with web3 and reaching a wider range of everyday people.

The Web3 Machine Economy, Powered by IoTeX

Will might add this: Added to the advantages of being able to learn is an early introduction to the emerging MachineFi economy.
With decentralization taking up different spheres of the economy and artificial intelligence taking up more work roles. It has been projected that machines will replace humans as the primary labor force in the future.
However, through MachineFi, powered by Web3, the value and ownership of machines and their resources can be distributed to their users rather than held by a handful of multinational conglomerates.
For the time being, regardless, this new trend is still taking up root and gaining recognition in the cryptocurrency space. The advantage of being an early bird to this new sphere however can only be known in extent in the nearest future.
In the meantime, those who enjoy the benefits of IoTex and Realtize’s partnership will be well prepared to earn the future.

Benefits of Realtize and IoTex Collaboration?

With this collaboration, both organizations will be able to complement each other’s strengths and achieve the singular aim of bringing the simplest version of the web3 to the physical world.

In their Learning-to-Earn collaboration, third-party projects can launch learn-to-earn campaigns on the Realize platform. The goal is to link Web3 projects with KYC users on the Realtize platform.

IoTex, on the other hand, will provide Learn2Earn content which will be rewarded with the collaboration NFTs. Learners can use these NFTs to get on the IDO whitelist and get project airdrops.

Conclusion: Why Be A Part of This Partnership?

Everyone wants to learn, and being paid for that is an extremely welcome bonus. But, having access to quality information and being paid a great price for it is not always easy.

This collaboration promises a chance to learn and earn in a secure environment where you do not doubt the inevitability of your payments. In Learn2Earn terms, think of it as the scholarship of a lifetime.



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