Multi-Chain Cross-Gamers: Souls Of Meta Delivers the Most Intense RPG Fantasy NFT P2E Game Ever!

Are you a gamer searching for the most optimized gaming platform? Constantly having to deal with finishing that game only to wonder what other mission there is? Souls of Meta has come to relieve you of man’s most tremendous discomfort: boredom!

The blockchain has provided us access to so many gaming opportunities, from arcades to puzzles and adventures. Yet, there is still a need for an optimum platform, a place that provides everything.

If you’re interested in knowing how to get the best out of everything gamefi, give this article a lookover.

Who are the Souls of Meta?

Native to SoulVerse (the game’s metaverse), Souls of Meta are playable NFT characters born in the metaverse.

These SuperSouls have shaped and built multiple realities and realms throughout quantum time and space according to their consciousness level and aligned choices.

But what does this have to do with my leisure time in gamefi?

What is Souls Of Meta?

Souls Of Meta is a multi-chain cross-game. The game is a full-packed next-generation Fun-2-Earn (F2E), Play-Own-Earn, and Free-2-Play (F2P) third-person action-RPG Fantasy NFT Game that is not modest in its use of blades and sorcery.

This dangerous metaverse consists of advanced features that allow you to own and monetize NFT assets via GameFi and SocialFi.

The game leads you to travel through community-created realms, where you fight monsters, collaborate with other players (in PvE & PvP), embark on quests, and test the extent of your bravery.

All of this while burning steam and earning rewards.

What Are the Features of Souls Of Meta?

With its hybrid abilities, Souls Of Meta is dedicated to providing its fans with all of the best that gamefi offers. For this, the game has some key features.

Fun-2-Earn: The game is filled with rewards for those brave enough to find them.

As players go deeper into the game and participate in community activities, they will uncover NFT rewards, from land to weapons, spells, potions, and more, which can be traded in the SoulVerse marketplace.

Apart from sales, players can also participate in other SoulVerse seasonal events, where they have the chance to pick up distributed rewards.

Create-2-Earn: This feature allows gamers to mint NFTs, which will be used in the game. These NFTs, which may even include new characters, will be used in the game or sold in the marketplace.

In this feature, creators also receive endless royalty streams when gamers use their NFTs or make use of their storylines by unlocking that level.

Build-2-Earn: In the game, players live in towns, which grants them fractional ownership.

When quarters are built in the game, players collaborate on quests or engage in land-related activities; they increase their staking APYs.

What About Multi-Chain and Cross-Gaming?

Souls Of Meta is creating a seamless Fun-2-Earn experience with an integrated cross-game NFT multi-chain game play support model.

This will be done through EVM bridging and monetizing all in-game assets and through multi-chain Defi, thus creating a symbiotic gamefi or SoulFi experience coupled with the in-game integrated metaverse (SoulVerse), multi-chain launchpad, and DAO offerings.

What this means is that there are four aspects to Souls Of Meta.

SoulVerse: This is the game metaverse where all the events occur. From airdrops to NFT minting and all other gameplay.

SoulFi: This gamefi economy covers the F2E, B2E, and C2E features already mentioned above.

SoulPad: The SoulPad features a multi-chain LaunchPad that covers INO (Initial NFT Offering), IGO (Initial Game Offering), and DAX (Digital Assets Exchange).

SoulDAO: The Autonomous Organization consists of a multi-layered thematic stakeholder governance structure, along with the traditional DAO voting rights and an engagement-driven value assignment model.

Does Souls Of Meta Have Tokens?

Like most gamefi metaverses, Souls Of Meta has its own token. The MetaFi has two forms of tokens, both of them BEP-20 tokens.

SOM Tokens: SOM tokens are Soulfi utility tokens. These native tokens can be used for the metaverse’s INOs, IGOs, stakeholder ownership, and other market activities related to the metaverse’s NFTs, such as transactions and staking rewards.

SPM Tokens: On the other hand, is the SoulDAO token. This token is used for governance and voting rights. It is used to determine the functions of the SoulFi, and the overall SoulVerse.

Partnership Between Realtize and Souls Of Meta

Souls Of Meta is revolutionary, but revolutionists do not stand alone.

The platform has enlisted Realtize Investment company to assist the project in managing its financial spheres.

For a platform that boasts a MetaFi, Souls Of Meta will see a heavy flow of funds from interested investors, regular players, and creator royalties.

Disbursing funds to the right channel is paramount to the platform’s success, and there is none we trust more than Realtize to manage that level of workload.

While Souls Of Meta is still in its fundraising stage, it is open to partnerships with multiple metaverses. It is ready to apply its cross-game and multi-chain functions towards ensuring that metaverses unite under its platform to give players an opportunity to play a game that never ends.

With Realtize as its financial asset manager, we believe Souls Of Meta to be in good hands. In the meantime, fans and investors line up to grab their piece while creators think about how to mint through to royalties.

Are you bored yet? I didn’t think so too.




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