Metapoly: Why Decentralized Metaverse Land is the Future

5 min readMar 21, 2022


Web 2 worked, but that was as efficient as it got. The internet has evolved in tandem with the world, and Web 3.0 is the way of the future. But is that all there could be?

The development of the metaverse has added to the blockchain’s disruptive process. There have been several routes opened up to replace all traditional operations of financial institutions and businesses.

From banking and finance to real estate, art, and law, there’s something for everyone. With NFTs, gamefi, and socialfi, the metaverse has intertwined itself in all trends. The conventional behemoths, on the other hand, remain unchallenged.

In a world full of pioneers, Metapoly is one of the first to assume the role of a classic titan on the metaverse.

Why Do We Need Metapoly?

Prior to the blockchain, tokenization and fractionalization were not feasible in real estate or other asset classes.

The blockchain revolutionized everything, but it wasn’t enough until Web 3.0 and the metaverse arrived.

Since the late 1990s, companies like BlackRock have monopolized and centralized financial power. Becoming so powerful that they have earned the moniker “the fourth arm of government” in democratic society.

But, with the changes taking place around the world, there is an increasing need to ensure that everyone has a chance at success and prosperity. People require decentralization and government, not monopoly and centralization.

And the people’s needs are exactly what Metapoly provides.

What is Metapoly?

Metapoly is a decentralized investment management organization established for operations on the metaverse.

The DeFi 2.0 platform is the first decentralized metaverse land tycoon that assists people in driving Metaverse investment.

With the recent success of NFTs, it’s apparent that the world’s definition of value is shifting, and Metapoly allows consumers to be at the forefront of such transformation.

The platform aims to build infrastructure that unites the Metaverse, NFTs, and DeFi in a single decentralized monopoly.

What Problems Does Metapoly Solve?

Fragmentation: While the metaverse’s expansion is an exciting prospect. Its growth creates fragmentation, which aids in the administration of this vast innovation.On the downside, this means that all metaverse will use various currencies, none recognizable enough to serve general needs.Metapoly addresses this problem by issuing the DAO D33D utility token, which will serve as a reserve currency and unifier for all metaverse protocols.

Liquidity: On the metaverse, as on other blockchain projects, liquidity concerns are widespread.Metapoly’s response is to own liquidity and to be a part of a community that provides a market and liquidity for landowner asset capitalization.

Unaffordability: Metapoly implements fractionalization of assets to address the problem of users being unable to purchase huge assets. This micro ownership approach lets everyone in this new decentralized BlackRock model to engage democratically.

How Does Metapoly Operate With D33D Token?

Metapoly is a metaverse land tycoon that accepts metaverse lands and rewards participants with protocol tokens (D33D).

The platform runs a fully transparent smart contract treasury that trades BONDS for metaverse lands. It then distributes D33D tokens to its customers via the BOND.

This D33D coins serve as the Metapoly DAO’s governance and utility token, as well as the reserve currency for the decentralized metaverse.

D33D tokens are backed by Metaverse assets like land, liquidity, yield, LP tokens, as well as protocol-owned liquidity. As a result, the tokens have intrinsic value.

They are also applicable to gamefi, metaverse launchpad services, lending/borrowing, and NFTs, among other functions.

Users can stake D33D tokens for extra rebasing tokens, which are tokens derived from earnings generated on the Metapoly protocol.

With its secondary goal being to serve as a decentralized Metaverse reserve currency. Metapoly plans that as the Metaverse matures, most projects will use D33D as their native token and reserve funds.

What are the Benefits of Metapoly?

Metapoly provides services that aren’t available anywhere else in the metaverse. Benefits that are not limited to a single type of investor, but rather cover the entire spectrum.

The whales and the rest of the masses will have access to an endless supply of assets as far as their resources will allow, thanks to the fractionalization protocol.

For individuals who missed out on prior possibilities, the democratization of this industry so early in this period of the metaverse means a lot.

Metapoly offers investors not just service, but a chance to become the next generation of Rockefellers and Warren Buffets.

Expectations of Realtize Partnership With Metapoly?

Every startup needs good support, and Realtize is a high profile service provider in high demand.

The collaboration between these two companies provides Metapoly with smooth financial services as well as transparent and safe investment channels that have been trusted and proven by a number of other clients.

Metapoly will enlist Realtize’s help in a fundraising event in order to complete its ambitious mission.

Currently assisting the project in the raising of $2million in seed capital, the partnership is open to pre-seed investments from major investors of any class (KOLs, Angel’s, Friends).

The partnership is also open to other high-end collaborations. Tier 1&2 venture capitalists, top tier DEX/CEXs, Layer 1 Alt chains, and significant Metaverse protocols such as Decentraland, Sandbox, and Amonica are all being targeted.

Aside that, with $800k already gathered from the oversubscribed pre-seed funding round. Metapoly intends to conduct its IDO as well as a public auction, early on this March. A private sale will also be held for investors who prefer to remain anonymous.

Conclusion: What Should We Expect From Metapoly?

Web 2 came with promises that it left unfulfilled, leaving a lot of people dissatisfied.

With the inception of Web 3.0 and the metaverse, all hopes are that the age of true decentralization has dawned, and Metapoly seeks to herald this mission.

The Metapoly community, D33D token holders, and the DAO all offer the opportunity to reclaim lost freedom, privacy, and rights while also offering governance participation.

Those who lose this fantastic opportunity will miss out on the chance to being a part of a completely new future.